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Crumbling Spirit – Review

As you read about terrorist’s attacks or see news reports on television, have you wondered what it would be like if something like that happened in your neighborhood? The bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City affected thousands of people. Many parents lost their children and children lost their parents. Julia Kinser, a fourth grader at James Buchanan Elementary School, recorded her personal experience of terror in her diary. It’s in a published book titled Crumbling Spirit on American Soil by D. Ed Hoggatt. Julia turned from tears to strength with God’s love, the love of her parents and the love of her teacher.

Every American grieved with the people in Oklahoma City. We cried with them as we put ourselves in their places. Many kids in schools across the United States reached out to the kids in Oklahoma by writing letters and sending stuffed animals. Mr. Atkinson taught Julia and me that we don’t have to be victims, but we can find positive ways to reach out to each other even in the midst of our grief. We can all be survivors. For Julia it meant responding to the letters, thanking people for their thoughts, prayers and gifts. After you read the book, you will know what you can do if the times comes for you to rise above your suffering in order to survive. It will make you a stronger and more compassionate person. You can order the book online at You will be glad you did.