Have you dreamed what Heaven or the New Jerusalem would be like? God gives great clues in Revelation 21. Check this out:

  • The New Jerusalem will come down from Heaven like a jeweled chandelier.
  • The walls will be of jasper (that means diamonds).
  • Each of the twelve gates will be a single pearl.
  • The foundations of the walls will be made of all kinds of jewels–emeralds, sapphire, topaz, diamonds and amethyst to mention a few.
  • The streets will be made of pure gold.
  • There will be no evil, shame or lies.
  • There will be no tears, pain or suffering.
  • There will be no sun, moon or stars because the glory of God will give it light.
  • There will be no temple because God the Father and Jesus the Son will be our temple.
  • Jesus, the lamb, will be it’s light.
  • The nations will walk by it’s light.
  • The City of God will be as long as it is wide as it is high, 1400 miles cubed, which is as far as from San Francisco to Chicago.

Jesus told the apostles before He returned to the Father that He would prepare a place for them (and all who believe), so where He goes they will go. Our loving Father doesn’t want anyone to be left out, but we cannot enter the pearl gates if we have any sin. Jesus died on the cross to take away our sin, but we have to believe and ask Jesus to help us live for Him. Think about it. He gave His all for us. It makes sense that we give our all for Him.

Heaven is not pie in the sky. It is as real as you are and it’s the place for people who love God and live for Him. Jesus loves you and wants you to be in Heaven with Him. In fact, He’s coming again. Nobody knows the exact day except the Father. Will you be ready?

Lord Jesus, I pray for the ones reading this, that they would experience your amazing grace and love and respond with lives holy and true for you. Amen.


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