Living Water

While driving along the Feather River in Northern California, I thought about the River of Life in Revelation 22. It must be beautiful with the Tree of Life rising on each side which bears twelve different kinds of fruit. Hard for me to imagine.

After a winter of heavy rain and snow, the Feather is fuller, faster and more captivating. White water rushers over boulders and descends into glorious waterfalls. The rushing water seems to be alive and I questioned, “Is this what living water is like?”

Jesus said to the Samaritan woman at the well outside of Sychar, that He had living water, water that would spring up into eternal life. She said, “I want some of your water,” because she didn’t want to have to keep coming to the well several times a day for water to clean her house and cook her food. She didn’t want to have to come for water to bathe her family. 

But Jesus wasn’t talking about physical water. He talked about nourishment for her soul. She understood when she realized Jesus knew all about her sinful life but showed her love. She tasted the living water but couldn’t keep it to herself. Like the water in the rushing Feather River, the living water bubbled up inside her and she had to run and tell others in town about the man who knew all about her, yet, loved her.

That’s how God’s love is. Once we experience it, we can’t keep it to oursleves. We have to love God and love others. That’s how God’s kingdom grows and grows. Do you know God’s lavishing love? If you do, you know what I mean. If not, my prayer is for you today, that you will call on Jesus’ name. That’s all you have to do. He is waiting to show you His love just as He did the woman at the well.


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