Grandma’s Vision


Grandma came to live with Alexa’s family after a week in the hospital. A stroke left her blind so Mom took three weeks off work to help her. Alexa stayed with Grandma when Mom had to go back to work. All year Alexa had saved money from her babysitting jobs to go to church camp in the summer. Now it looked like she wouldn’t get to go. She hardly had time to think about it because she was busy helping Grandma.

            Every day Grandma looked forward to Alexa reading the Bible to her. Alexa grew to love this time too. At least once a week Grandma asked Alexa to read the story about how Jesus healed the man born blind. Each time the varied responses to the healing became more comical. The neighbors disagreed. The Pharisees argued. Fear overcame the parents, but the man born blind was delighted. His life changed in an instant. He saw people and things for the first time.

            Grandma laughed. “He wanted to celebrate his seeing but the fact that he could see brought turmoil in the community. You know, Alexa, the worst thing in life isn’t blindness. It’s being able to see and having no vision.”

            “What do you mean, Grandma?”

            “We don’t see and we don’t understand what’s important unless we know Jesus. We need God’s insight to make right choices and do what is right and good.”

            “I never thought of it that way.”

            “Alexa, I want to tell you something. My suffering from the stroke has made me see God’s beauty and strength in you and your parents. I’m so thankful I could stay here with you. I’m grateful for your help and spending time with me reading the Bible.” 

            “I love you, Grandma.” Alexa held Grandma’s hand and bowed her head.  Lord Jesus, I know you have power over sickness and disease and I am asking you to help Grandma see again. Amen.

            “Thank you, Alexa. I am in God’s hands,” said Grandma. “I know you have been saving your babysitting money to go to church camp and I want you to go.”

            “But, Grandma, who will help you?”

            “I called your Aunt Madelyn while you washed dishes this morning. She’s coming Thursday next week.”

            “Oh, Grandma! Thank you. I love you!”

            “I love you too, Sweetheart.”




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