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Jesus and the Rich Young Man

A rich young man came to Jesus and asked,

“What must I do to have life that will last?”

Jesus smiled at the man and answered his quest,

“Obey God’s commands and give Him your best.”


The man was quiet, deep in his thoughts,

He’d obeyed the laws just as he ought.

Yet something inside him was terribly missing.

He considered his life; it didn’t have meaning.


Jesus looked on the man with love and compassion.

He said, “Help the poor and sell your possessions;

A treasure in Heaven; on that you can depend,

A life filled with blessings without any end.


The young man was not ready to sell all he had.

So hanging his head, he walked away sad.

He failed to believe what Jesus had said;

And foolishly trusted his riches instead.


He could have had blessings and life without end.

He could have had hope of treasure in Heaven.

What would you do if given the choice,

The things of this world or hearing God’s voice?


Jailhouse Redemption


On their way to a place of prayer

Paul and Silas met a slave soothsayer.

She followed them, which they thought odd,

Proclaiming they served the Most High God.


“Listen,” she said, “for the way to be saved.”

And she kept this up for many long days.

Paul didn’t need the help of the sayer,

To tell about Jesus, His love and His care.


So he said to the spirit inside the young sayer,

“In the name of the Lord Jesus, come out of her.”

This made the owners of the slave girl so furious,

They seized and imprisoned both Paul and Silas.


Stripped and beaten and fastened in stocks,

Paul and Silas sang songs, ignoring the locks.

When all of a sudden the jailhouse did rock,

The doors, they flew open; the chains they fell off.


Alarmed, the jailer drew up his sword,

He thought the men ran without a saying a word.

Paul shouted, “Don’t harm yourself, for we’re all here!

Turn on the lights and see your way clear.”


The jailer was shocked by Paul’s mercy and grace,

He asked him the question how he could be saved.

“Believe in the Lord Jesus,” is just what Paul said.

Then the jailer knelt down and bowed his head.


Each one in his family followed his lead.

They looked to God to meet their need.

Then the jailer filled a tub with water quite tepid,

Paul baptized them by the Father, Son and the Spirit.


Each one of us has a choice to believe,

Love and trust Jesus, His spirit receive.

Surrounded by grace, He’ll open our eyes,

He’ll bring joy in the morning each day of our lives.